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Flow forming machine FHS 550

High-precision horizontal machine for flow-forming with three servo axes of the roller carrier, symmetrically radially arranged on the support. The fourth servo axis is for axial movement of the support. It is suitable for processing various materials such as steel and aluminium alloys. 


Allows you to manufacture parts:

- with constant or variable wall thicknesses (eg. pipes, hydraulic cylinder pipes, custom profiles ...) 

- parts with very precise internal contour 

- parts with conical, concave and convex contours. 

It is suitable for methods: 

- forward flow forming 

- backward flow forming 


- Workpiece diameter, max/min: Ø550/Ø60 mm 

- Workpiece length, max: 

  • backward flow forming  4 000 mm 

  • forward flow forming 2 000 mm 

- Axial force, max: 250 kN 

- Tailstock force: 150 kN 

- Total power: 170 kW