The aerospace industry is one of the most demanding and the most innovative areas, therefore all the equipment intended for servicing aircrafts is subject to the strictest requirements in terms of quality and reliability.
The global requirements in automotive industry, regardless whether they concern the final product i.e. cars or equipment (production lines, machines, tools) used in production of components and sub-assemblies, are the same: high productivity, strict quality control, short cycle time, long lifecycle etc.
From initial concept, through engineering and prototype design, to the installation of fully assembled machine, we have the advanced engineering and in-house manufacturing capabilities for the production of various custom machines used in defence industry.
We design and produce universal and special machines for food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical industry, according to customer-specific demands.
In addition to designing and manufacturing new machines and tools, Servoteh also performs reconstruction and modernization of presses and production lines with latest technological solutions implemented.

Our partners

We have strategic partnership agreements for solutions and distribution of industrial components of Bosch Rexroth AG, Siemens, Aventics, ABB Robotics, SKF.
bosch rexroth


We can provide design, production, installation and commissioning of complete high-pressure hydraulic systems.

Electrical control systems

Servoteh designs control systems using the latest technological solutions in the field of automation of production.

Machining and production

We have the latest CNC machines and technology that provide us with all types of machining and ability to make complex sub-assemblies and assemblies according to the client


Servoteh has many years of experience in diagnosing the causes of malfunctioning of hydraulic, pneumatic, central lubrication systems or electric motors in the various industries.


We present you some of our projects:

Our clients

The companies and brands that have entrusted us with their projects
servoteh atlatic
servoteh bosch
servoteh coca-cola
servoteh dedienne aerospace
servoteh frikom
servoteh grundfos
servoteh hemofarm
servoteh jaffa
servoteh tetrapak
servoteh umka
servoteh vlatacom
servoteh yugoimprot
servoteh metalac
servoteh nbs
servoteh nelt
servoteh nestle
servoteh nis
servoteh pharma swiss
servoteh telsonic
servoteh uss
servoteh arcelor mittal
servoteh carlsberg
servoteh fiat
servoteh imlek